9 Budget Friendly Things to do in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is a popular favorite on the backpacker trail through Central America, but because it's gotten a bit touristy, it can be expensive. Here's our favorite things to do there for super cheap (or free!). Don't break your budget on a stop through here, and instead use this guide to have a great time.

Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

Author: Always A Foreigner As far as cities go, Charleston’s got it! Charleston, South Carolina is a city of undeniable charm, fascinating history, and it has some of the best culturally significant food in the region. We spent a weekend in Charleston back in August, and we loved every minute. Founded in 1670, it became a major … Continue reading Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina



It has been many long years since I craved luxury, if I ever did. My mother used to tell people I didn’t care about “that stuff” … even when I was young. I was surprised that she had noticed because it was true. I wanted things that were interesting and different, but luxury never entered into it.


In this part of my life, we live in a home that is more than enough for our need. It’s a bit too big, really. It contains twice as many rooms as we need and too many stairs. But it’s comfortable (excepting the stairs). It is sufficiently isolated so we can use it as a hideout for two not-s0-sociable people who do not crave close neighbors. A friendly chat by the mailbox is enough.

Stockbridge - Red Lion Inn -- my idea of luxury travel Stockbridge – Red Lion Inn — my idea of luxury travel

When we travel, I don’t look for luxury, unless you count cleanliness and good…

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Through the Sublime Field of Vision – I

Maldives Explorer

An archive of aerial shots of islands belonging to the archipelago of the Maldives. These shots have been captured through the eyes of satellites that orbit our planet Earth.

1An uninhabited island located on the western parts of Baa Atoll, Maldives. As seen from the picture, parts of the island is being used for agricultural purposes.

5.2323o N, 72.8773 o E

2 The Underwater Restaurant ‘Subsix’ at Per Aquum Niyama located in the pristine Dhaalu Atoll , Maldives. The restaurant is located 1.2 kms away from the island and 6 meters below the ocean offering panoramic views of the wonders that lie under the Maldives.

2.6896 o N, 72.9387 o E

Subsix Restaurant at Per Aquum Niyama

Per Aquum Niyama

5 Another beautiful shot of Baa Atoll , Maldives. The water villas at the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu depict a coconut palm leaf over the surrounding turquoise lagoon teeming with corals…

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America the Beautiful – Our Travel Itinerary

Off Your Beaten Path

It is hard to believe that we are just 28 days away from our biggest adventure yet! We are in the final planning stages of our journey, and to say we are a excited might be an understatement!

We have recently sold our pick up truck and are still working on selling our Honda Fit and buying our van! There are still so many little things to get done in order to prepare for our departure, but we just keep working through the list a little bit at a time!

We will be taking our time getting to Alaska and have allowed ourselves about 28 days to get there. Ultimately, we knew that if we were going to make this journey happen, we wanted to enjoy every minute of it!

Back in November, we bought our America the Beautiful annual pass. This is the annual pass that allows entrance into…

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Backpacking To Havasupai Falls Video: A Desert Paradise

Trail to Peak

I just returned from a backpacking trip to Havasupai Falls. For Trail to Peak’s newest team member, my 5 month old son, this backpacking trip was a first. I did a lot of research before heading out on this trip, and was blown away by the photos and video of hyper blue waterfalls and streams. Seeing all of the falls in person is something I’ll never forget. The views are impossible to completely capture with a camera, but I hope this short video can give you at least a small taste of what it’s like to enjoy this paradise.

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The Road to Hana Revisited


What a gorgeous morning. It was quite windy but it was warm and the sky was a brilliant blue with white cloud accents. It seemed as if the storm that started my day had passed through.

I’d spotted at least 3 whales from shore so that bodes well for the boat trip on Wednesday. My UTI was either gone or in check for now so all was right with my world.


I continued driving on RT 30. Eventually it would turn into the notorious Road to Hana, one of the top 10 deadliest roads in the world. Sandy and I drove part of it in the rain our first day in Maui in November. We then took the tour that drove us the whole way. I was willing to do the first section because that didn’t seem too bad but not the rest. Today I was just looking for the…

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