How to plan a successful two-day travel weekend

Benson Abroad

“You didn’t actually study when you were studying abroad, did you?”

Heck no! Studying abroad is for partying! Okay, I studied a little. The scary thing about studying abroad for a semester means you can’t fail your courses because you can’t retake them the next semester. Unless you want to stay for another 5 months…wait…maybe I should have failed a course…

In any case, yes, I did study. I did go to class. Did I occasionally skip my Friday-afternoon class for extended travel weekends? You bet your butt I did.

I didn’t always skip class. And on the days I didn’t, I only had two days of weekend travel time. That time shrinks when you account for transportation time. For me, transportation time wasn’t an issue because I made a point to do most of my travel in Italy, and Viterbo was centrally located, so most train rides averaged about…

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