My Top 25 Travel Experiences Before Turning 25

Tasha's Oyster

Christmas Eve this year saw me turn 25. I am now half way to 50, a quarter of a century old. It’s terrifying how fast time is going but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve graduated, built myself a career in teaching, overcome a horrible illness and have travelled more than I ever thought I would. I’ve also been lucky enough to have fantastic people around me to support me through all these events. To celebrate the wondrous moments travelling I’ve enjoyed, I have created a list of my top travel experiences undertaken before turning 25. Some experiences I’d dreamed of doing for years, others I just stumbled upon, and they completely blew me away.

  1. Skydiving over The Great Barrier Reef

Skydiving is something I’d always wanted to try yet I wondered if I’d ever have the courage to do it. Little did I realise that not only…

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